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For couples

Erotic massage-practice for couples

Our VIP salon, situated in Prague 2 offers a unique massage-practice for couples. Every couple will live and discover an unforgettable experience of Erotic, Nuru, Tantric or Hawaiian massages that have elements from Kama Sutra.  Erotic massage offers you sublime benefits to your whole body, spirit and mind. These all inspired by your own gratifying pleasure, pure form of reaching orgasm. Pleasant warmth will fill all your body and you’ll feel like a newborn.

Erotic massage is a good practice for couples (MF/ MM).

Couples can further enhance their own intimacy, discover sensual forms of touch and stimulation.

You can also make a great an anniversary or a birthday present!

The couple will enjoy the experience together, being next to each other. When you have this practice at our salon you can try it and enjoy each other for a long time at home. Indulge yourself in a different experience and it’ll leave you feeling relaxed and fulfilled and more connected with your partner.

What new will Erotic Massage Prague give?

During the erotic massage for couples, you’ll learn to understand each other better, reveal and feel erogenous zones. You will deepen your relationship, remove your emotional and physical barriers. Our masseuses are well-experienced, they also can help you to choose an appropriate massage for you. During the massage you can touch you masseur/masseuse or discuss the technical parts of massage.

Try Erotic Massage Prague that will enhance your intimacy in order to feel your partner and guess his/her wishes.

After visiting new massages for couples you learn to give each other an unforgettable pleasure. You will get diversity and re-awaken the missing passion, turning into boiling volcano feelings. You won’t forget these new feelings and emotions.